Pradnya Shah


About the Artist :

Daughter of Three Rashtrapati  award winner (Hindi Sahitya) Father, Dr. M.B.SHAH.

AND Mother, light music Singer Rajashri shah.

I grow up in an artistic family. Influenced both my mom and dad. I love nature and its views

Their beauty touches my heart in a way. I cannot live without that. The beauty I see in the world is inspiring and real.

I have chartered for myself a strong identity within the community of abstract art’s, right from childhood. My inclination towards fine art and the drive within me to excel amongst my peers has put me on platform where challenges have become a part of my life.

With Strong will power and creative exuberance has now ventured into the field of Abstract paintings are a reflection of classical mix of the dance form, modern and natural arts.

My style has evolved from formal realism, using acrylic and oil paints to depict people and common object o a more painterly style using a wider array of colour.

Currently, my abstract painting consists of surreal imagery combined with musical compositional elements. I use mixed media acrylic and oil painting and found object, to enhance the visual and textural aspects of my painting.

I paint daily and involve myself various art related activity.

Finally, I believe art to be a very powerful form of a self-expression. I like music, literature, historical research. Art offers boundless opportunities for creativity indeed, art represent the pinnacle of human.

Name -:

-Pradnya Shah.

Born -:


Education -:

-1994, Bachelor of Fine Art,Dhule

First in Order of merit, Gold medal in North Maharashtra university.

SNo Name of Artist Name of Painting Size Medium Price Buy
1 Pradnya Shah Beuty 24×32 mixmedia RS. 22,429  Buy
2 Pradnya Shah COCOONS, NEW LOVE 60×42 mixmedia RS. 22,429  Buy
3 Pradnya Shah CONTACT WITH LIGHT 27×15 mixmedia RS. 22,429  Buy
4 Pradnya Shah Final 24×32 mixmedia RS. 22,429  Buy
5 Pradnya Shah FREEDOM 24×32 mixmedia RS. 22,429  Buy
6 Pradnya Shah LEFE IS A EQUAL PART 24×32 mixmedia RS. 22,429  Buy
7 Pradnya Shah MANDALA, .CIRCLE OF LIFE 24×32 mixmedia RS. 22,429  Buy


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Mode of Payment : Please mention the Painting Name and Number for every purchase.

1) Online Purchase: Please click the “Buy” Link in the details above.

2) NEFT/IMPS Transfer :

Name: Amrapali Art
A/c Type : Current Account
A/C No: 50382410328
Bank : Allahabad Bank
IFSC Code : ALLA0212504

3) Cheque In favour of   “Amrapali Art”

Note : Shipping Applicable outside Pune.

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