About the Artist :

Abstract art has come into being as a necessary expression of the feelings and thoughts of our own age, it has added new dimensions to creative painting

– Leonard Brooks

Abstract art provides scope to play with lines and colours. It’s personal and subjective and Maruthi Paila explores those possibilities of expression in myriad ways. Moving away from figurative imagery,  Maruthi dwells in the non-representational world for his maiden solo show. The acrylics and small format works are geometric, with criss-cross lines forming haphazard, asymmetrical patterns perhaps resulting from an outpour of the artist’s emotions. It’s like a mosaic of lines and colours. Yet, there is a sense of harmony in the composition.

Devoid of specific shapes and forms technically, abstract art can still have some perceptible formations. Rather, it allows the viewer to figure out and deduce ‘shapes’. So, even in the course of abstraction, Maruthi has provided some visual clues to the viewer’. Some of his works have a ‘stained glass’ look with a misty ‘cloud-like’ effect created on them. In the small paper works one can glean some kind of formations and the artist has managed to create an eerie effect in a few of them. In the larger works one can surmise that in between the columns of smoke or mist are bits of coloured windows akin to stained glass windows. The colours used in the works range from bright to dark and dense. In some the lines may look entangled, free, knotty or in a maze.

Maruthi has been seeking to find a language of his own working and exploring different types of imagery, figurative and non-figurative – a continuous exercise to develop his visual vocabulary for growth and perfection. Leonard Brooks said “Abstract art…is part of the constant change and vital searching that energizes every true art.” Maruthi’s quest in a sense has been a soul-stirring one where he has touched the depths and highs of emotions.

SNo Name of Artist Name of Painting Size Medium Price Buy
1 Maruthi Paila Painting 1 24″ X 24″ acrylic on canvas Rs.58143  Buy
2 Maruthi Paila Painting 2 24″ X 24″ acrylic on canvas Rs.58143  Buy
3 Maruthi Paila Painting 3 24″ X 24″ acrylic on canvas Rs.58143  Buy
4 Maruthi Paila Painting 4 24″ X 24″ acrylic on canvas Rs.58143  Buy
5 Maruthi Paila Painting 5 24″ X 24″ acrylic on canvas Rs.58143  Buy


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Bank : Allahabad Bank
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Academics                         :  Master of Fine Arts  (Painting) through


Bachalor of Fine Arts (painting) through J.N.T.U.


Solo Exhibitions


2015                                           : “NINE NIGHT COLORS”  solo show at  Nehru Centre in Mumbai

On the 13TH TO 19TH October.

2014                                          : “FRAGMANT NATURE”  solo show at  ICONART in HYDERABAD

On the March 7th  2014  to 20th of March  2014

2013                                          : “ART PHOENIX’S FESTIVAL”  solo show at  Nehru Centre in Mumbai

On the November 19th  2013  to 21st of November  2013 .

2012                                          : “MUMBAI COLORS”  solo show at  Nehru Centre in Mumbai

On the August 21st 2012  to 27th of August  2012 .

2012                                          :  A solo show conducted by BEYOND COFFEE in


2011                                :      COLORS OF LIFE a solo show in AYYA ART GALLERY

In Chennai

2010                                :      A solo show conducted by ARTERIOUS GALLERY in Chennai.

2009                                :     “JOURNEY THROUGH COLORS ” Solo show conducted by

                                                  GALLERY SPACE  in Hyderabad.

Group Exhibitions


2017                                :     “AESTHETIC RENDERINGS”  An Exbition of paintings by national and  international artists  at kala srot art gallery in LUCKNO,U.P ,

2016                                :     “INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL”AnExbition of paintings by national   and international artists  at RAJIV SMRUTHI BHAVAN VISAKHAPATNAM,


2016                                :     “BUYART”  An Exbition of paintings by national



2014                                :     “COLORS OF NOVOTEL”  An Exbition of paintings by national



2014                                :     “THE COMBINED ART”  An Exbition of paintings by 25Artists  at




2014                                 :      “ visakhapatnam art FAIR”   conducted by kattakuri ravi   10th to 13th

oct2014. In rajeev smruthi bhavan vizag.


2014                                 :      “ 38th Foundation Day Celebration”  group show conducted by


2014                                  :    “ TRANSPARENT initiatives” artfair 2014  A group show in Hyderabad

2014                                  :      A group show conducted by “GALLERY  SPACE in Hyderabad

2014                                 :      universal art gallery conducted group show in visakapatnam at hawa mahal

2013                                  :      A group show conducted by “TAJ FALAKNUMA PALACE in Hyderabad

2013                                  :      “AN EXHIBITION OF RECENT PAINTINGS” A group show conducted by “GALLERY SPACE” in Hyderabad

2012                                  :      “ART JAMBOREE 2012” A group show conducted by “DIARA CENTRE FOR ARTS CULTURE” in Hyderabad

2012                                  :      “SYMMETRICS  in the unknown” A group show conducted by “ICON ART GALLERY” in Hyderabad

2012                                  :      “ BLUESTORM” A group show conducted by Prajna Associates at GVMC

Heritage Musem(Visakha Musem) Visakhapatnam.

2012                                  :       Group show at dharmshala in HIMACHAL PRADESH conducted by

Kangara Museum. In LIFE TIME DISPLAY

2012                                  :       Group show conducted by  KLARTEXT  gallery in MUNICH city in


2011                                :      Conducted “IMPACT ART SHOW ” to  support children

Who suffering from cancer, at green park hotel in


2011                                :     A group show conducted by “GALLERY SPACE” in


2011                                        :     An exhibition with   Beena John in “ PRAKRIT ART

                                                 GALLERY” in Chennai.

2011                                :     Agroup show organized by “ARTERIOS” at hotel ALOFT

In Chennai.

2010                                :     A Group Show “RAINBOW OF HOPE” , a charity of art

event  conducted by “ARTERIOS AND LAXANA ART 

                                                 GALLERY” in   Chennai

2010                                :        “TIRANGA “ Group Exhibition organized by

“ICON ART GALLERY” in Hyderabad

2010                                :        AUCTION in aid of multiple “sclerosis society of India

(Hyderabad chapter) was  conducted by

“ICON ART   GALLERY” in Hyderabad.

2010                                :        Group Exhibition organized by “GALLERY SPACE” in


2009                                :        Group show with 24 artists,  “GALLERY SPACE”

2009                                :        “Hope” (Gallery Space) travelling exhibition of small

format paintings of well known Artists of India.

2009                                :        An  Exhibition Of  Small-Format Paintings And

Drawings By Artists From All Over India,MINAAZ ART GALLERY.

2008                                :    “SOUUNDS OF THE BRUSH ” mega art show conducted by

                                                THE GALLERY HUES in IRIS the business hotel in Bangalore.

2008                                :        A group show in hotel obroy in Calcutta.

2007                                :        Sanskruti art Show. In taj banjara.(Auction to provide help for


2007                                :        AP ART OF THE HABITATE  conducting the group show in

New York.

2007                                :        THE NATURE BOUND Group Show in A.P State Art gallery

2006                                :        VENKATAPPA ART GALLERY , Bangalore.

2005                                :        A.P STATE ART GALLERY,Dec 2005.



2012                                 :       A group show “VISHAKHAPATNAM BEACH ART  

                                                  FESTIVAL” curated by Ravi .K

2009                                :        68th All India Art Exhibition, The Hyderabad Art                                                                                   Society.

2008                                :        Telugu Universitry,Hyderabad.

2003                                :         Potti Sriramulu telugu university Hyderabad.

2002                                :        Hyderabad Art Society,Telugu University

2000                                :        Telugu Universitry,Hyderabad.


2014                                 :      “ 38th Foundation Day Celebration”  Artist camp conducted by


2012                                  :      “ BLUESTORM”  Artist camp conducted by Prajna Associates at GVMC

Heritage Musem(Visakha Musem) Visakhapatnam.

2012                                  :       workshop at dharmshala in HIMACHAL PRADESH conducted by

kangara Museum. In LIFE TIME DISPLAY

2011                                       :           HEART TO ART  artist camp c onducted by .


2010                                        :           Friendly Artist camp conducted by Kantha Reddy in


2007                                :        Participating a national artist camp in TAJ

BANJARA, conducted by gallery space, HYD.

Awards                      :           Highly commedable Certificate from Hyderabad art

Society in the State Level Art Competation for 2002 to 2003.

Personal Collections           :         Maney collection in India and abroad.

Gallery Collections             :         Several Gallery Collections in India and abroad.

Presently Working            :          Full time working in studio


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