Dinesh Baukhandi



About the Artist :

Dinesh Baukhandi,
I was born in Aug 1953, in Saur village of Uttrakhand. My qualification is DME (mechanical).
My father late Shambhu Prasad Baukhandi senior artist in Archealogical Survey of India worked in National Muesum New Delhi was transfered to Ajanta Caves where he worked for more than 30 years. His reproduction of Ajanta Paintings are in display in National Muesum.
After my father’s death in 1992 the canvas,paints and brushes inspired me to take on my fathers work. I grew up watching his style of work and myself painted outlines for him. I started painting as a hobby and since 18 years I have been working on Ajanta paintings.
My paintings were displayed in many exhibitions.
SNo Name of Artist Name of Painting Size Medium Price Buy
   1 Dinesh Baukhandi Bodhisatva Padmapani 54″X90″ Water colour and oil on canvas Price on Request  Buy
   2 Dinesh Baukhandi Mahajanaka Jataka 78″X45″ oil on canvas Price on Request  Buy
   3 Dinesh Baukhandi Mahajan!aka Jataka 55″X40″ Water colour Price on Request  Buy
   4 Dinesh Baukhandi Bodhisatva Vajrapani 19.5″X13.5″ Water colour Rs72429  Buy
   5 Dinesh Baukhandi Mahamaya wife of Buddha 24″X35″ Water colour Price on Request  Buy
   6 Dinesh Baukhandi King Mahajanaka 12″X19″ Water colour Rs.36714  Buy
   7 Dinesh Baukhandi Flying Apsara 11.5″X19″ Water colour Rs.22429  Buy
   8 Dinesh Baukhandi Ajanta paintings 12″X19″ Water colour Rs.22429  Buy

Contact us to purchase: +91-9820156680

Email : amrapali.art@gmail.com

Mode of Payment : Please mention the Painting Name and Number for every purchase.

1) Online Purchase: Please click the “Buy” Link in the details above.

2) NEFT/IMPS Transfer :

Name: Amrapali Art
A/c Type : Current Account
A/C No: 50382410328
Bank : Allahabad Bank
IFSC Code : ALLA0212504

3) Cheque In favour of   “Amrapali Art”

Note : Shipping Applicable outside Pune.

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/amrapaliartindia1/

Instagram Page : https://www.instagram.com/amrapali.art/


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